KOLB, STEWART & ASSOCIATES, INC. is an Arizona corporation established in 1980 with offices in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Denver, Colorado; and Las Vegas, Nevada. We conduct investigations nationwide for corporate, government, insurance and private sectors specializing in surveillance and investigations. For our corporate and governments clients, we provide a multitude of services that include pre-employment screening, employee theft investigations, business due diligence, security consulting, and undercover operations to detect drugs and theft in the workplace. We offer our insurance-based clients including their employers and third-party administrators unsurpassed technical expertise in the surveillance and investigation of worker’s compensation and liability claims, AOE/COE investigations, subrogation and liability investigations, written and recorded statements, and thorough background investigations (both civil and criminal).

For the private sector we conduct personal and confidential investigations and surveillance to suit each individual’s needs and requirements. Every investigation is conducted in a private and discreet manner.

Our investigators are meticulously selected and, regardless of the degree of their education and experience, must complete an extensive in-house training program before being assigned to any investigation. They are trained in all facets of investigation with emphasis on conducting every assignment in a professional and ethical manner. Each assignment, regardless of its nature, is carefully evaluated and an investigator is assigned based on our assessment of the particular requirements of the case and the individual profile best suited to complete the investigation most effectively. During our surveillance investigations, we use state of the art video equipment and take extreme pride in close, clear and steady videography; digital or 35mm photographs are also available upon request. In addition, Kolb, Stewart & Associates, Inc. provides electronic Streaming Video enabling each of our clients to promptly review their video surveillance via email.

Our undercover personnel are specialists and often work inside major corporations, warehouses, transportation terminals, and private businesses to evaluate present security procedures, prevent theft, and uncover any drug usage or criminal activities on the premises or amongst employees. All our undercover staff have prior law enforcement experience and have worked in conjunction with local and federal authorities should extensive theft, drug usage, or criminal activities be uncovered. All members of our staff are experienced in court testimony and have proven to be effective, credible witnesses.

Our Special Investigations Department is comprised of an elite corps of professionals who possess prior law enforcement and insurance claims experience, and conduct comprehensive investigations in a variety of insurance matters. They also direct and oversee interviews and secure statements (sworn under oath or recorded) from claimants, plaintiffs, witnesses and other persons involved in or related to catastrophic accidents, fatalities, fraud claims, liability claims, subrogation claims, vehicular accidents and worker’s compensation claims. Crucially sensitive professional liability cases, including but not limited to lawsuits against police departments and state/county/city governmental agencies are also investigated. Each investigation is conducted with the strictest degree of confidentiality. This staff is cognizant of courtroom procedures and testimony and has demonstrated to be plausible, effectual witnesses.

Our Research Department gathers information from public records at the federal, state, county and municipal levels of government, and also from private sources and databases to provide background, asset and locate investigations as well as individual or business record searches. This information can be used for pre-employment screening, educational background verification, and to determine criminal history, as well as past and pending civil litigation. The credibility of an individual or business can also be established. We have access to many of the public records in our research library at Kolb, Stewart & Associates, Inc. and subscribe to many computer databases nationally which allow us to provide this information for you on a timely and cost effective basis for nearly any jurisdiction in the country. Our company utilizes the most advanced technology and communication network systems available.

We are committed to service and all investigations assigned to our office are handled in a prompt, professional and confidential manner.

AZ Lic# 1000685, NM Lic# 1093, NV Lic# 1031, UT Lic# P100332, CA Lic# PI 21633